Food at Taco Fest


Our Taco Dishes

An assortment of dessert tacos

Steak and chicken tacos, enchiladas, tamales, corn muffins, churros
Ground beef, chicken, and steak tacos, nachos, rice & beans, assorted tamales

Chicken thigh marinate in chipotle and tomato adobo, cochinita pibil taco, tacos de alambre (vegetarian)

Steak, chicken, marinated pork (pastor) tacos

Chicken or beef tacos, homemade tortilla chips and shells
As assortment of tacos
Steak, barbacoa, al pastor tacos
Brisket tacos, carnitas, chicken tacos, elotes
Steak, chicken bruschetta, cauliflower, al pastor tacos
Steak and pork tacos
Tacos, asada, pastor, chicken, chorizo, quesadilla, street cord
Quesabirria tacos, seasoned pork tacos, steak tacos
Tacos, elotes, nachos, quesadillas

Chorizo, steak, and pork Mexican style tacos


Fresh fruit waters: horchata, Jamaica, mango, pineapple, strawberry, lemonade, lime, cucumber

Fresh pepper hot sauces

Cash bar also available